Basset Hound happily gnaws on own ears and doesn’t need chew toys

Lincoln the Basset Hound is happy to entertain himself by gnawing on his own ear, rather than his owner buying him toys to chew on

Every kind of dog is unique, be it big or small, long or short fur, even pointy or long ears, but each has their own traits to be taken advantage of.

This basset hound, named Lincoln Monster, has been taking full advantage of his natural talents and using his own ear as something to chew on.

The video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @lincolnmonster, was a huge success on the app, with over 3.2 million views and more than 650,000 likes.

At the beginning of the hilarious sequence, Lincoln’s owner notices that he has decided his long ear will make a perfect chew toy.

She quickly tells her dog to let go and stop chewing on it, but to no avail, as Lincoln masterfully evades her and continues to clasp his ear in his jaw.

Lincoln’s owner struggles throughout the clip, attempting to reason with her dog and convince him to let go of his ear, both through words and force.

However, as the video’s caption explains, it’s tricky to take away the thing your dog is chewing on when it is attached to their head.

Viewers could clearly relate to this experience, with one user commenting: “Mine gets ponytail prison time with a scrunchy only thing I found that works.”

Another commenter wrote: “Chasing tails is overrated. Catching ears is where it’s at.”

A third added: “He said no it’s mine.”

Basset hounds as a breed are described by The Kennel Club as placid and affectionate, coming from an ancient lineage and possessing a deep melodious voice.