Former Home Bargains employee shares customer hacks – including best time to shop

A woman who worked at Home Bargains for four months has shared her secrets to shopping savvy – including the best time of year to bag the biggest bargains

We all love a bargain when we’re out shopping, and one of the best places to go to bag a decent saving is the store with it literally in the name – Home Bargains.

But did you know you could save yourself even more money at the homeware shop just by visiting at specific times of the year?

A former employee of the franchise, Jessica Harrison, has shared some of the store’s secrets on her TikTok account, the Daily Star reports.

In one video the 19-year-old student – whose TikTok account is @Jesss.Harrisonxx – reeled off a list of questions which all had the answer “no”, including: “Do you do cash back?”, “Can I push the till barrier open?”, “Can I see the manager?”, and the infamous “Can you see if you have any more in the back?”.

But Jessica, who worked at Home Bargains for four months throughout the Easter period this year, also lifted the lid on some money-saving secrets – including when the best time to shop is.

According to Jessica, you can bag better deals if you shop at the end of the season, as items will be reduced to help get rid of leftover stock.

She said: “So just after Christmas is your best time to grab bits for the following year!

“I worked throughout the Easter period and when Easter was over, all of the decorations were drastically reduced in price.”

Outside of items being reduced, Jessica – who also shared tips on her Instagram account – says it’s pretty hard to get a discount in store.

She explained: “Discounts are only given when there is something wrong with the item, for example if there is a piece missing or something could be broken.

“They are quite strict with when discounts are given, and the shop floor staff always have to ask a manager before telling a customer they can have something at a reduced rate. “

And the former employee also has the best tip for tracking down an item that just isn’t available in your local store.

Jessica said you can ask management to ring nearby stores to see if they have the product in stock – and if they do, they can put it aside for you so that no-one else pinches it while you make your way to the other shop.