Man in stitches after buying Freddie Krueger mask that looks like ‘cheese pizza’

A man bought a Freddy Krueger mask from an online store after spotting the scary mask in the sale, however, what he received in the post doesn’t quite resemble what he ordered from the shop

A man was left in stitches after buying a Freddie Krueger mask online – as when it arrived it looked more like a ‘cheese pizza’.

Mike Robinson wanted a scary costume for Halloween and was delighted when he found one in a sale online, down from £60.65 to £14.50.

The mask was supposed to be of A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddie Krueger, but when Mike opened the package he was in for a shock – as the mask didn’t look scary at all, as the Daily Star reports.

He shared a picture of his purchase on Facebook and was soon inundated with comments from people saying it looked more like a cheap cheese pizza.

Taking to Facebook, Mike wrote: “When you order your Halloween costume from Wish. I ordered Freddie, think I got his cousin Eddie.”

The post has now gone viral – having racked up 5,700 reacts, 4,700 comments and a whopping 34,000 shares.

Tickled by the Halloween mask blunder, people rushed to the comments to share their take on Freddy’s distant cousin Eddie.

One person commented: “Looks like a burnt cheese pizza”

Another user added: “So Eddie is even more messed up than Freddie.”

A third person joked: “That’s scary Terry”

Whilst someone else said: “That’s why it was on sale – SALE.”

Etsydaddy1 has been approached for comment.

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