Job advert that says pay is ‘not great’ slammed for ‘toxic work culture’

A job advertisement for a flower shop went viral after it was shared on social media, with many criticising the lengthy list of requirements for the new employee

It’s a job advert for a flower shop which doesn’t exactly scream “You will want to work here”.

An advert for the shop went viral after being shared on Reddit – where it prompted fury.

One person wrote: ” That’s a lot of words for a toxic environment for minimum wage.”

In the advert from West Union Flower Shop, in Ohio, it started off pretty reasonably – as it asked for people who can work independently and have computer experience.

They want an employee who isn’t “glued to their phone” and anyone whose ever rude to a customer should just “go ahead and leave.”

It continued: “Not looking for a saint but if your Facebook has more boob pictures than pictures of your family…nope!”

Pay “isn’t great” but the ad continues: “But if you stick with me, I will take care of you. But I can promise that you will make more than me.”

The post was shared on Reddit, where it left people in stitches.

One person commented: “Lmao all that for 16-24 hours a week? You know, like an after school job.”

Another wrote: “Pay? Not great. Ok then….why would I work here? Because I’m just a glutton for abuse? Hard pass.”

A third added: “This legit sounds like the 8th circle of hell, I’m laughing so hard right now. Who the f*** reads this and thinks not only ‘Wow I’d love to work here” but also “sounds like my dream job!'”

“I’ve seen so many ads like this lately – why do employers think it’s a good tactic to run down a whole list of what they DON’T want? asked another.

“Even a potentially great employee is going to look at this and feel like you already hate them.”

West Union Flower Shop issued an apology on Facebook after the initial advertisement went viral.

The statement said: “Apparently, my recent job posting went viral for all the wrong reasons. I apologize if I offended anyone.

“This is what I know about me, my family, and everyone that helps at the shop. We work hard every day. The pay isn’t great, but we do the best we can.

“We care about everyone that helps and enters our doors. For our employees, it is known that their families come first. No matter what.

“We give to each and every organization and person in need, to the best of our ability, that comes to us. We are honest. We would never intentionally hurt anyone.

“Lots of people have given us a negative review, NONE of which have ever met us nor done business with us. I’m okay with this because tomorrow morning I’ll wake up, by the Grace of God, and bust my tail at doing the very best job possible like I do every day.

“Thank you to our friends, family, and customers that continue to love and support us.”