Man baffled after landing in hot water for starting on time at new job

A man said that he started a new job as a security guard and turned up to work at 10 am, as he was instructed, but soon he found himself pulled aside by the manager

A man was baffled after he found himself in hot water on his first shift at a new job – because he started on time.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he had just started a new job as a security guard and was contracted to start work at 10 am.

He arrived on time and was working just minutes later, but soon he was pulled aside by the manager who told him that his behaviour was unacceptable.

They said that in the future he should arrive early, but the man refused – saying that on principle he would not arrive at work before they started paying him.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “On my lunch break, the manager of the store approached me and asked if next time I could come a little bit earlier so that by the time I put all my belongings down I can be in front of the store at 10 am.

“I told her no, that if I’m rostered to start at 10 am then I will show up at 10 am, and that if they want me to come earlier then the store would have to arrange that with the security company.

“I’m not getting paid to come earlier so I really don’t see why I’m required to.

“She got huffy with me and said that the sales staff aren’t trained to be security, and with the popularity of the store every morning there will be people lining up waiting to go inside and that I needed to be here earlier because of that.

“She said that it really wasn’t hard to come a few minutes earlier and that it wasn’t fair to come ‘just on time’. I know it’s not hard to come a little earlier, but I feel it’s more about the principle – if you want someone to come earlier then make that clear through the hours.

“I told her such and she just sighed and walked away. We didn’t talk for the rest of the day.”

After sharing his story online, the man was inundated with advice – and most people thought he was in the wrong for not turning up early.

One user said: “At every job I have had, if you are scheduled to start work at 10 that means that at 10 on the dot you are on the floor available to work.

“If you’re in the back putting away your belongings then you aren’t working. You weren’t working at 10, you started somewhere around 10:05.”

And a second added: “In every job I’ve had the start time is when I’m expected to be ready to work, not walking in the door.

“If your job is to man the front door and you are scheduled to be there at 10 am, then I would expect you to be at the door at 10 am.”

But a third disagreed, and said: “Screw jobs that nickel and dime you like that for less than five minutes. If they want you there at 10 too, they should schedule it that way.

“Don’t expect your job to be happy about it though, especially since they already pulled you aside to talk about it. Pick your battle.”